5 Rhythms Dance and more

with Sarah Blagg and Mark Boylan

in Sheffield, Derby, Nottingham, Yorkshire and beyond

“Rhythm is our mother tongue”

Gabrielle Roth

About 5 Rhythms

5 Rhythms is a movement practice, its about embodiment, so the best way to find out about it is to come and experience it...Here are some words we use when we teach the rhythms:

Flow  -  receiving the body as it is

Staccato  -  getting expressive, connecting with the beat

Chaos  -  loosening up, shaking out, releasing, creativity, making space

Lyrical  -  lightening up and becoming fascinated by movement

Stillness  -  finding emptiness, time to breathe, letting be

We dance on our own, with a partner and sometimes with a group so we can become a little more connected to ourselves, to others and to the world.  Dance is a common language through which we can experience a sense of community that is sadly often lacking in our culture.

Sometimes we explore specific ways of moving, at other times we follow the wave to find our own unique dance.

Some people dance 5 Rhythms because they simply love to dance, for others it is a moving meditation that is often playful and fun.  Whatever  your reasons to dance  - 

You are welcome.

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About 5 Rhythms

Getting started

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