5 Rhythms Dance and more

with Sarah Blagg and Mark Boylan

in Sheffield, Derby, Nottingham, Yorkshire and beyond

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once." - Nietzsche

Getting started

All you really need to  start with 5 Rhythms is a willingness to move. 

Each class usually begins with a few tracks to warm up to.  We guide you through a moving ’body parts’ meditation, during which we move each part of the body in different ways.  During the 5 Rhythms wave we make suggestions for ways to move to explore different aspects of the Rhythms.  Sometimes we will offer specific exercises.  We always create times in each class to follow your own dance.  There are no steps to learn and so there is nothing to ‘get wrong’. During the Wave you dance on your own and with others. Classes usually end with a short period of silence and relaxation.

There are a few ‘do’s that can help make the experience better for all:

Do bring a water bottle (you can usually  refill it at the venue)

Do bring layers of loose clothing to keep body warm

Do come to dance either barefoot or soft soled shoes that you have brought with you to change into.

Do aim to put your communication into movement rather than words during the wave.


Costs vary for different classes, get in touch for details.

We are committed to making 5 Rhythms accessible to all. 

Concessions are available for those that need them.

5 Rhythms is registered with the U.S. trademark office


About 5 Rhythms

Getting started

Sarah & Mark




For Sheffield Monday classes

 phone 07758 146130

Or email dancetherhythms@gmail.com


For Nottingham

phone 07443 542433

or email