5 Rhythms Dance and more

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Mark Boylan

Mark started dancing 5 Rhythms in around 1995 and teaching it in 2004. He first found his  dancing feet at the free party scene in the early nineties and fell in love with 5 Rhythms as a drug free route to connection with self and others.

He  trained to teach 5 Rhythms to share his love of dance with others and also with the aim of blending the power of movement with practices and rituals designed to reconnect us with the Earth and the natural world

He has taught 5 Rhythms overseas in Palestine, Canada, the U.S. and Poland.  In addition to 5 Rhythms training,  some of his  other qualifications and experience include: professional training in clown with the School of Sacred Clowning, a post graduate diploma in Sociodrama and Action Methods, and PhD in Education. Mark was one the first three ‘pathfinder’ teachers to qualify  as a teacher of Movement Medicine and assists on the School of Movement Medicine’s apprenticeship and teacher training programme.

 Sarah Blagg

Sarah grew up on the dance floor, training in a variety of forms of dance. She has two degrees in Visual Arts from Canadian Universities which included courses in contemporary dance, drama and performance art. Her artwork has been shown in Canada, the U.S and as installations at dance workshops across the UK and Europe.  Sarah knew she was home when she found the 5 Rhythms in 2000.  She has studied hundreds of hours of 5 Rhythms as well as Movement Medicine & Soul Motion. She is a qualified 5 Rhythms teacher.

Sarah was a core member and DJ of The Move Collective an Ecstatic Dance group in Toronto, Canada before moving to the UK.  Sarah has also studied yoga for over 13 years and qualified as a Yoga Instructor in 2002. Sarah has experience teaching yoga and dance with adults, teens, children & elders as well as people with special needs. 





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